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Finally we got on stage! A whole day had been booked for rehearsals and to visit the stage, to meet Diana the stage manager and to find out about what happened back stage.

This was Monday and we had seen how things were done by the professionals on Friday night. There was a our first time together since then and there was a buzz in the dance studio as everyone shared their thoughts about Friday night’s show and speculated about how their first time on the stage would be.

We spent the morning in BRB doing a run-through of the show. We still had some small wrinkles to iron out in the choreography. Performance night is getting closer and rehearsal time running out. Everyone knows we need to work even harder for the last couple of weeks.

We were introduced to Diana and her team and were given a health and safety talk before we were allowed on stage. First impressions were about how big it is, then the inevitable ‘wow’ factor looking out at all of the seats and imagining them filled with friends and family. We got to see some of the props and watch how the sets were moved. Someone noticed the net at the front of stage and we all debated the likelihood of falling off stage into the orchestra pit.

We did another run through and it was then we began to realise the small things that are big things really matter, like running in front of the lights and casting a shadow, or forgetting to bring a prop on or off stage and worst of all missing a cue – it is a big stage and it takes a long time to run from one wing to another via backstage.

One week and one day to go – nerves are really starting to kick in!



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