Welcome to Ballet, Birmingham and Me the one-stop blog spot for Birmingham Royal Ballet’s brand new project with Birmingham Youth Services. This is the first place for news and updates on our progress, as well as a forum for all participants to discuss your experiences so far.

And we mean all of you – make your comments on any posts already posted, or speak to Georgina Biggs at any of the project sessions if you want to start a new topic yourself or email georginabiggs@brb.org.uk

Editorial policy:

This is your blog, and we encourage you to post your thoughts. Everyone is important to these discussions and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. You do not have to agree with the comments that your fellow project participants make, but we do require that you respect them as individuals.

We will not tolerate offensive remarks or dismissive comments. These include, but are not restricted to, personal insults, racism and sexism.

The blog is moderated by Gina Biggs and other senior staff, and materials will not be posted unless approved by this team. This team also reserves the right to delete comments deemed inappropriate.

Finally be aware that the blog is a public space, accessable by all, and may remain up beyond the length of the project. So be aware of how your comments represent you as a project member and as an individual!


All comments contained within this blog are the opinions of the individuals and do not neccessarily represent the views of Birmingham Royal Ballet, Birmingham Youth Services or Birmingham Association of Youth Clubs.