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However, everything was fine on the night.  Yes the young people were nervous but they performed as if had been dancing on the Hippodrome stage all their lives.  The show was wonderful, with the stunning costumes and scenes.  Out in the audience, parents, siblings, family members and friends clapped whooped and encouraged everyone on stage.  The atmosphere was electric.

 At the end the young people came out for a curtain call and received a huge ovation!


Finally it’s the night of the performance and the auditorium is buzzing with the energy of the unexpected before the curtain rises. So thrilling to be here and to see so many different people in the audience. The young people have been amazing all day and I know they will perform their best and that they now have the confidence to hold the piece as it really does feel like their own. The journey and what has been achieved is extraordinary, they have been extraordinary and seeing their achievement and their ownership of the stage, the material, the music and Birmingham Royal Ballet is thrilling. Filled with pride. Its been a long and at times difficult journey for them and for us all- but nothing worth while comes easy. It’s great to see a dream come alive on stage. It will stay with us for a long long time.

Dinos – Artistic Director

As the show gets closer we are practically living at Birmingham Royal Ballet now. Rehearsals Saturday, Sunday and all day Monday!! There’s a real mood of excitement and anticipation amongst everyone. We feel ready, we want to get out there and perform. We want to show people what we can do.

One of the back stage crew noted that a bad dress rehearsal meant a good performance on opening night so when everything went smoothly during rehearsals we wondered…


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