Last Thursday (18 November) evening around 70 BRB Friends came in to watch a special presentation and rehearsal event involving some BB&andMe participants, youth leaders and staff in our Studio 1. The Friends are very used to watching rehearsals from the Company – this being one of the benefits they enjoy from their membership – they support us in many ways, and we give them access to learn more about what we do. This event was something very different, and so worth doing. I was really encouraged by the number of people interested in getting an insight into this project, by way of this opportunity – the ones attending and many other members had enquired about the performance on 7 Dec too , and the take-up has been fantastic!

Pearl set the scene as to the background , followed by Gina, Dinos, Danni, Lee and Phil all explaining their involvement, expectations, experiences over the last year and a half. This gave the Friends a good picture as to how everything had been created and it highlighted how ‘hands on’ the students had been in putting the production together.

The participants worked really hard during the 50 minute rehearsal, responding to coaching by Jenny, Lee and Dinos. They took their advice like true professionals and the Friends were very impressed with the end results.

Finally, at the Q&A – everybody was extremely relaxed, open and funny! It was so good to see the different age groups coming together and members were buzzing when they left the studio, let alone the participants! Anyone not already booked for the show – following their experience on this evening, were definitely going to the Box Office the next day. This is all down to you all!

I can’t thank you enough for letting the Friends see you at work – you’ve now got some pretty strong support out there to add to that from your family and friends. Sounds a bit stiff to say this but on the Friends behalf, I’ll say well done and good luck – we’re with you all the way!

Sheila (Hitchman)
Friends Co-ordinator