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Okay, there’s an edit of a Beyoncé video that we’ve been trying to post here for a while, but it seems to be disappearing from the internet at the moment. We’ve found a version which we can’t embed here on the site, but you can see it by following the link below. Hopefully it’ll still be there by the time you read this…

Before you go and take a look though, let me explain what it is you’re about to see and why we’re posting it here.

Ages ago, someone posted a video of a piece of dance from the 1960s on YouTube, with the original music replaced with ‘Walk It Out’ by DJ Unk.

The video featured three ladies, all dancing in synchronisation. It was originally choreographed by Bob Fosse, who did the choreography for Chicago, and various other things. The steps in the clip are fairly straight forward, but there’s lots of stuff with the hips and the head on the off-beat, and it was filmed all in one take, with no room for error.

Some time later, Beyoncé saw the clip on YouTube, and thought it looked hot, and wanted to do a modern version. She was due to do the ‘Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)’ video, and so they based it around this routine, with her and two others playing the parts of the three women in the original film clip.


Anyway, someone’s now edited together the Single Ladies video with some footage from the original 1960’s clip so that you can see the bits that Knowles used, which is what you’ll see if you click here: (external site)

Beyonce/Fosse “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)

Beyoncé’s been quite open about the fact that she based a lot of the video on this 1960s routine. But do these look like 50-year old moves?

The costumes are different, but the steps are the same…



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